Impressions from Seahawks 17-15 win over Raiders

The Seahawks beat the Raiders   to put an end to the dreaded NFL preseason. While the  fans look at the presason as a long slog to the start of the regular season which means some real football, the preseason is an opportunity for rookies, free agents and backups to live the dream of playing in the NFL. Here are some quick impressions  from Thursday’s game.


C.J Prosise followed up last week’s game with another stellar performance in which he had five carries for 42 yards and was  tied with Travis Homer for team honor for most yards. Homer had one more carry than Prosise. While he is a long shot to make the team, Homer put on an eye-opening performance to show the Seahawks and other teams that he belongs in the NFL.

  For  Prosise  the message  to the  coaches was concise and clear, I am  health and ready to contribute. It’s been a long struggle for  the 2016th 3rd round draft pick from Notre Dame. Originally drafted as third down back with hands and speed Prosise’s tenure with the Seahawks has been filled with flashes of brilliance and a bevy of  injuries that have led to  heartbreak. His rookie year Prosise played  six games due to a Hand Metacarpal Fracture and a Shoulder Scapula fracture. In 2017  Prosise played just five games due to an ankle injury and last year played another five games due to a hip-flexor.


Former Husky Ben Burr-Kirven staked his claim to making the team with a team 12 tackles five of which were solo.Burr-Kirven showed   his ability to close down on a ball carrier and make a tackle.

For the first time this preseason Burr-Kirvin looked to  be at the right place at the  right time. The translation there is that his ability to read the play and get to the point of contract improved greatly. Burr-Kirven was flagged for a roughing the passer penalty in the third  quarter.

Cody Barton continued his steady rise  to  stardom with another solid defensive called game .With Bobby Wager sitting out the game, Barton was the defensive quarterback. Barton like fellow rookie Burr-Kirven was flagged for an unnecessary  roughness call in the first half.


According to Carroll the battle for the backup quarterback job between Geno Smith and Paxton Lynch is still to be determined. Both players played a half with Smith winning the numbers battle  going 4 of 7 for 107 yard and two touchdowns. Lynch was 1 of 7 for 4 yards. According to Carroll Lynch was playing behind a makeshift line up. The only blemish on Smith was the knee


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  1. Way to go Maz, thanks for letting us get a glimpse behind the scenes and in the locker room with Ben! I’m looking forward to a great season and more outstanding coverage by you throughout the year! Go Seahawks

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