Seahawks Carroll, ” We are in the second half of the preseason”

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll spoke to the media wednesday afternoon and he pulled no punches regarding the status of the team as they prepare for thier third preason game Saturday night at the Los Angeles Chargers ( 7:00 PM PST)


(On Poona Ford playing running back in high school and if he would ever play Poona at Fullback) 

“I would never divulge that kind of insight. I showed the team his highlights to the players and he wasn’t a scat back. He was not a scat back in case you were wondering. He kind of ran over whatever was in front of him and he was pretty good at it too.”
(On how Keenan Reynolds has looked so far) 

“He’s been playing really solid, he knows every position, he can do everything for us, really a utility guy that’s valuable in that regard. He’s done nothing but hard work and good stuff for us since he has been here.”
“A little bit. I know very little. I know he scored a ton of touchdowns and they love him for it. He’s the most productive, touchdown maker in the history of college football and it made me darn proud of him. I’m sure his other work is really good too.”
(On Shaquem Griffin’s status) 

“He hasn’t responded yet, he had a pretty good day yesterday, it wasn’t quite as good this morning, he’s got a bruised knee that he’s just not quite back from  yet.”
(On Ugo Amadi’s punt coverage play against Minnesota) 

“It was a perfect play, it really was. The timing of it, the form tackle, the shoulder hit, a great Hawk Tackle. He showed thousands of kids what it looks like to tackle somebody in open field. He’s just done something every time he’s been out on the field so he’s been a really exciting player for us and he knocked the ball out today, he got his first punch out today. There’s been a lot of positive stuff.”
(On where Amadi’s playing on defense) 

“He’s playing safety and nickel. He’s competing for the nickel spot. He’s still competing for the nickel spot. So these two games will be enormous for him again to show how far along he’s come. It’s really about the details and the intricacies of playing the position. He’s just got to catch up, he’s really a bright kid too. There’s no indication that he’s not going to learn it but it’s just kind of a race to the opener.”
(On Joey Hunt’s heads up play on the loose ball to knock the ball free and allow the Seahawks to recover it and if that enters into the roster conversation) 

“Well I can’t even imagine a guy making a better play on the football field than what he did. He came out of nowhere, blocked on the line of scrimmage, full-dead sprint, nothing in his mind but to get after the football, knocked it loose for us. If you noticed he scrambled back up and covered up Jackson Harris who made the recovery which is exactly what they’re trained to do. The intensity, the effort, the perfection of really getting the job done. They’re getting the ball back and we took it right away. A huge play, huge play. They had possession and we took it away. Does it enter in? Heck yeah. I can’t ask for a guy to compete better than that, so that was awesome.”

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