” It about giving,” Seahawks K.J. Wright on

Seattle Seahawks linebacker K.J.Wright was one  32 players nominated for the 2018 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award. The award recognizes an NFL player for outstanding community service engagement. As a nominee, Wright will wear a Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year helmet decal through the end of the season in recognition of his accomplishments on and off the field.

Seahawks lineabacker K.J Wright makes a play on the ball. ( Cascadiasports.net)

For Wright the grace to give to others was something that was instilled in him by his grandmother while he was growing  up.

 “I’ve been like this since I was a kid. I was telling them a story earlier. My grandma, she did a lot of stuff when we were growing up just giving back. We went into St. Jude’s Hospital, we went to visit nursing homes, we went to the middle of Mississippi to just give out clothes and video games – so we’ve always been that kind of family and that’s how I was raised.”

The calling to give to others has enabled Wright to help local organizations and those across  the globe. This summer Wright spent some in Kenya where delivered books, taught english and was so moved by the experience he is now on  a mission to build water wells in Kenya.

Locally Wright is invovled with Rainier Athletes, is a mentor for Future  Leaders program, a program that is part of the former Seahawks and current charger  Russell Okung’s   Foundation.

Wright also serves as a mentor for Future Leaders, a program of former Seahawks and current Chargers tackle Russell Okung’s Greater Foundation.  

After his playing career is over, Wright is looking to stay in the Seattle area and continuing his mission of giving to the  less fortunate.

“I do. Me and my wife talked about it. It’s either going to be Seattle or Florida. She wants Florida. I said ‘we’re staying here.’ This is home, man. I really love it here. I love the people, love the mountains, the lakes, all that good stuff so I want to stay here.”

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