The return of Richard Sherman, close but not quite prodigal son tale

As the saying goes they were good times, they were better times.  With the Seattle Seahawks seemingly closer to “fun street” than the San  Francisco 49ers, Sundays match up between the two teams has opened up some old wounds. Depending  who you ask, the some of the  wounds never healed and for others, it was a magical moment that is but a fading memory

The return of Richard Sherman on Sunday at CenturyLink Field will no way emulate the famous Sonny and Cher reunion on the David Lettermen Show in 1987 nor  will it be fan fest singing off  the famous Peaches and Herb song  “reunited again and it feels so good  and it definitely will  not be the happing retelling of the prodigal son returns tale.

What Sunday will bring regardless of the outcome is closure for a gladiator and his beloved fans. Some will honor Sherman for all of his contributions to the Seahawks organization, while others will look at him as a self-consumed traitor. As with all points extreme points view in life, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Regardless of the outcome and the context which one observes the game and the return of Sherman, Sunday will bring closure to all. If not complete closure it will be a starting point for that needing more. There is no doubt Sunday will be a moment in time for the fifth round draft pick in the 2011 draft a. Say what you want, Sherman grew up with the Seahawks organization and when it came time to leave the home he had no choice but to move on.

No one really knows what was said in the negotiations between Sherman and the Seahawks last spring. The obvious deduction is that a mutual agreement could not be reached and both sides did what was best from there perspective point of view.


Sherman after Seahawks 41 to 38 win over Houston in 2017


For Seahawks Doug Baldwin the way the relationship between the Seahawks and Sherman ended was unfortunate.

(On what kind of reception he sees Richard Sherman getting at CenturyLink Field)

“I hope a positive one with everything he’s done for this organization.”

(On who has more of an advantage between him and Richard Sherman)

“I’m not sure. That’s a good question. I’ve never been in this situation before. We’ll see. He knows all my tricks, I know most of his. He says he’s got some new ones so it’ll be fun.”

(On if he thinks it’s just another game for Richard Sherman)

“From my conversation (with him), yeah. It’s just another game for him. He’s always been very professional in that regard so I’m not – it doesn’t surprise me that it’s just another game for him.”

(On if he has been in communication with Richard Sherman this week)

“Oh, no. We talk all the time, probably even more this week.”

(On how he viewed the end of Richard Sherman’s tenure in Seattle)

“I thought it was really s****y, to be honest with you, (with) how it ended. I would really have liked for him to stay here and had an opportunity to finish his career with this organization, but it’s part of the business. It doesn’t work out that way.”


Despite the anti Seahawks quotes, Sherman did have this quote to say about Carroll.  Which left everyone with just a  little bit of a nostalgic Barbara Streisand ( The Way We  Were) tone. 

“I’m sure we’ll have some relationship at some point and talk,” Sherman said. “Pete was a good man and a good coach and did everything he can for that franchise. I don’t have any ill will towards him at all.”

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