Seahawks versus Panthers, quotes, numbers, and final team injury reports

The Seattle Seahawks ( 5-5)  will tangle with the Carolina Panthers (6-4) Sunday morning ( 10:00 a.m. PT) in must-win for both teams to keep their postseason hopes alive. Here is how the two teams stack up.

Record 5-5 6-4
Total Yards Gained 3,511 3,602
Total Offense ( NFL Rank) 351.1 (20) 360.2 (15)
Rush Offense 154.3 (1) 130.2 (7)
Passing Offense 196.8 (27) 230.0 (22)
Points Per Game 24.6 (14) 26.0 (11)
Total Yards Allowed 3,481 3,524
Total Defense 348.1 (11) 352.4 (13)
Rush defense 235.6 (T11) 253.9 (21)
Points Allowed/ Game 21.6 (8) 25.2 (20)
Possession Avg. 31.15 30:14
Sacked /Yds. Lost 32/224 20/156
Sacked Made/Yds. Lost 28/162 23/137
Interceptions By  10 11
Penalties/Yds 75/600 56/472
Punts/Avg 48/48.4 42/45.3
Turnover Differential +7 (5) +5 (T6)



Final Team Injury Report


(On the upcoming game against the Carolina Panthers)

“So, we’re going to Carolina in case you guys forgot because you’re all tied into the Apple Cup and it’s going to be like 60’s and beautiful there so no conditions to complain about, just got to get ready to go play some good ball. It’s been a really good week. Like we said earlier, we’ve taken advantage of the fact we played Thursday night. Guys feel good, they feel strong and we’ll try to take advantage of that if we can. We’re going to need it.”

(On Doug Baldwin’s availability) “We’re going to work him out in pre-game and make sure that he’s okay. I think we’ve got him as questionable right now.”

(On when Doug Baldwin’s injury happened)

“No, it popped up the day that I said that he’s the best he’s felt all year. His groin kind of acted up on him a little bit. I’m not going to say that again (laughs).”

(On if K.J. Wright is ruled out for Sunday’s game)


(On if K.J. Wright’s injury could be long-term)

“We’re going to keep working on it. There’s a couple of things that we’re going to do that – it will probably take him another week.”

(On getting Neiko Thorpe back healthy)

“Yeah, it’s great to have Neiko back. Neiko’s been a leader, particularly in special teams, since he’s arrived and his attitude and the personality that he brings and the effort and the playmaking has always been really outstanding so we love getting him back.”

(On how J.D. McKissic looked in practice this week)

“He looked great, really. He looked really, really quick and on it. He jumped right into doing stuff and his assignments and all that but it just doesn’t make sense for us to try and do it in one week’s time so we’ll go next week and take a look at him again and anticipate that he’s going to be in pretty good shape and pretty close to going the next week. We’ll wait and see but he looked terrific.”

(On the key to playing well in East Coast games)

Yeah, I think it was hard to go east because everybody talked about it was hard to go east. I mean, you’ve just got to go do it and it isn’t even a factor anymore. We don’t win them all, but we’re okay about it. It’s all the build-up and the talk and the clamor about it that adds to it. I don’t know, we’re fine about it. We do our trips the way we do them and we traveled a little earlier than some people but I’m not counting on it being an issue.”

(On if Doug Baldwin practiced)

“He ran today but didn’t practice much.”

(On D.J. Fluker’s injury)

Actually, he looked a little stiff coming off the break and then the next day and the next day he’s been fine so he looked good throughout the week, other than the first day back from the days off. The motto of that one is don’t give him many more days off or – I told him he could ride a bike if he’s off for a few days but then I thought about the bike and he talked about the bike too. It’s got to be a stationary bike at best (to support him), and he brought it up first. I agree with him.”

(On Austin Calitro starting at WLB in place of K.J. Wright)

“There’s a good chance that that could happen.”

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