Injury concerns loom as Seahawks begin preparations for Rams

The Seattle Seahawks

will try to rebound from last Sundays disappointing home loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. Disappointing in that despite a poor performance, the Seahawks had a chance to score a touchdown on the games last play and force overtime on a successful two-point conversation. None of the above happened and the reality is that the Seahawks were unable to overcome a sluggish and the teams season record stands at an even 4-4.

And right on cue are  NFC West Division Leaders Los Angeles Rams who saw their unbeaten record snapped by the New Orleans Saints in a 45 to 35 shootout. The last time the Seahawks tangled with the Rams was a Week Five 33 to 31 home loss to the Rams.

The main concern for the Seahawks is how many of their first team players will be health on Sunday for the critical NFC West clash



(On the key to running against the Rams)

“It’s the commitment to it. It’s coming back to it and believing in it and keep going. When you are committed to the running game like we are, you don’t get big runs all the time. You have to stay with it and keep hammering at it and make the space and make the yards and finish the plays and convert your third downs so that you get the extra chances to keep running it. It’s really about commitment.”

(On D.J. Fluker saying that the Rams defense didn’t want to deal with the run)

“I don’t know anything about him saying that.”

(On how well D.J. Fluker played against the Rams)

“At this point, I can’t tell you how much he stood out but he’s been a factor whenever he’s in there. He’s got some difficult guys to block, he’s got one of the best players in the NFL that he’s going to have to work against in Aaron Donald and (Ndamukong) Suh is right next to him so it’s a very difficult matchup.”

(On if Chris Carson will practice this week) “We’re going to hold him out today and let you know tomorrow.”

(On if Chris Carson could sit out practice all week and still play)

“It depends on the week. It depends on how it’s going. It depends on how he looks and all that. He certainly could play. We’ve got plenty of guys to go to. We don’t have to just rely on one guy right now so if he’s not making it through the week and looking really good and we clear him for the game, then we would operate accordingly with that.”

Seahawks offensive players warm up before practice. (

(On Bradley McDougald’s status)

“He’s going to miss today. We’re going to hold him out for a little bit.”

(On the confidence in the pass rush) “We need good teamwork, really. We need our guys to work together and (Jarran) Reed has done a nice job being a factor. He’s had more production than he ever has before at the midpoint here so we’re counting on him to continue to cause problems but we need to work together. It’s gaming it up and stunting the way we need to, to make our space and all that. Dion Jordan brings it and Jacob Martin has been really flashy. He’s been a factor so we’re looking for those guys to continue to just create issues with the pass protection. A lot of that is working together, though.”


(On clock management at the end of the game against the Chargers) “There was a play in there where we checked the ball down and I would’ve liked to work the ball to the sidelines to get the clock stopped. It was a play in there. We rarely have missed that opportunity, but that happened. Other than that, just don’t respond to the flinch on the goal line and score right there. Knock it in and take it to the next level. But, there was one play.”

(On Rashaad Penny getting more involved)

“He just needs to be more involved. I think he just needs to keep getting attempts and get out there and play. Just get accustomed to everything that’s going on around him. A big volume player, a lot of plays, a lot of carries when he plays, he’s getting spot plays so it’s difficult just to go ahead and make that commitment at this time because we have other guys that have been really effective as well so we’re just bringing him along and hoping that we can acclimate him and see him at his best. He’s got a lot to offer us that we know of. It’s just going to be a matter of time.”

(On Rashaad Penny’s progress)

“He’s showed us a bunch of juice and spark before he got hurt and then the month that he missed in there seemed to set us back a little bit and we were so close to the season that it really wasn’t the time to go back to camp and develop. He just kind of had to jump in with us and it took him a while to get back going again. I think he’s got a little bit of a stuttered background to get started for this season and it’s just unfortunate that he didn’t get more action. He didn’t get enough activity in the preseason.”

(On if C.J. Prosise can still be a factor)

“Yes. Yes, C.J. is ready to go. He’s dying to play. He’s frustrated by not being able to play. He’s healthy and he’s talented so it’s just a matter of getting the slots right so we can get him on the field on game day. I love what C.J. can do so we feel like we have a lot of depth and we’re not depending on just one guy playing. We’ve loved the way Chris (Carson) has played but we’ve got other guys that can go too. We’ll see what happens this week.”

Rashad Penny

(On if Rashaad Penny has developed enough to get the bulk of the carries if Chris Carson can’t play)

“Yeah, we’ve just got to get him out there. He just needs more turns and Mike (Davis) has been very versatile in the throwing game, all the styles of runs, he’s just been really good at it and very effective so we’re just going with what looks right. It has nothing to do with where you got picked or where you came from. Just waiting for the opportunities to present itself so the guys can show what they can do. That’s not just the running back spot. That’s all our spots.”

(On why it’s been so difficult for C.J. Prosise to stay healthy)

“I don’t have an answer to that one, but he’s been healthy for some time now so he just hasn’t had his chance to get back in. The strange injury that – I’ve never even heard of, whatever that injury was – he broke his shoulder blade. I’ve never heard of that injury before. That came on the heels of, I think it was a groin and then a hammy (hamstring) and he finally got back and then got pounded and got hurt and he’s had some unusual things. He’s in good shape now. He’s running, he’s practicing every day, he looks really good, he’s ready to go.”

(On D.J. Fluker’s status) “We’re going to rest him today.”


(On Dion Jordan)

“What’s really helping him is that he’s staying healthy. He’s feeling strong and he’s getting his rhythm and he’s a very aggressive player. He plays tough (and) has given really good effort throughout. We’re just counting on him. I still see him as a very young player, an inexperienced player even. He might not think that but just in his time playing and really getting acclimated to the game and all, he has not had – much like C.J. (Prosise) kind of – background. He has not had a lot of steady play there that he can build from, but he’s starting to get that now that he’s been together and been able to stay out there. I think he’ll improve. I think he’s got a much higher ceiling than we’re seeing right now and the more that we get him out there, the more he’s going to do well.”

(On if who will potentially fill in for D.J. Fluker if he is unable to play, Ethan Pocic or Joey Hunt)

“Yeah, we’ve been back and forth with those guys. It was a little bit about matchups and things this (past) week.”

(On the value of practice reps for a player like Delano Hill as far as communication and scheme goes)

“Yeah, it was so obvious last week. Delano got his first week of practicing with the first group the whole time. His confidence was there, the speed of reaction was there, everything about him – even his play carried over to special teams as well. I think he was very comfortable with what was asked of him. He’s a really talented athlete – he’s fast, he’s strong, he’s a cover guy, he’s a good hitter, all of that. That hasn’t always showed up as much as it did so obviously to us and in the place that he had. With the opportunity again starting out the week with Bradley (McDougald) being quiet, it gives him another turnaround to come back and add and build on that. We’re confident he can do a nice job for us. He’s certainly physical and ready to make the plays that we’re calling on him.”

(On if the L.A. Rams look any different than when the Seahawks faced them in Week Five)

“They haven’t changed much. A couple of guys in and out of the lineup that have been banged up, but other than that, they’re on a roll. They’re staying with their stuff on both sides of the football. I don’t see why they would come up on any reason to change anything right now, they’re pretty hot.”


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