Seahawks Russell Wilson on facing the Chargers and red zone success

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson had arguably one of his best days last Sunday in the Seahawks 28 to 14 win over the Detroit Lions when he recorded a perfect quarterback rating 0f 158.3 by completing 14 of 17 pass attempts for 248 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions. Wilson met with the media Thursday afternoon to discuss the teams upcoming game with the Los Angeles Chargers and the emergence of  David Moore and Tyler Lockett.


“You know, the only thing that matters really is us winning. I think that’s always the key. I think that obviously, I think that my goal every time I step on the field is to win the football game and also to play really well would give us a chance to win. I think that’s always been my mindset. I never really know stats or what’s going on during the game. I know if we get on a hot streak and certain guys are making plays and stuff like that, but I never really find out until later after the game. It was a great game. I thought the offensive line did a tremendous job giving me enough time to make some decisions and throws and they’re doing a tremendous job giving me enough space and time. I think the receivers and tight ends and backs have been electric.

I think about Tyler Lockett, he’s been on a hot streak. I think about Doug (Baldwin) making a big-time catch I think on 2nd-and-19, some big plays that we had that gave me a lot of time on those. The running backs, like I said, have been explosive. I think about David Moore and what he’s been doing making plays all over the field, and Ed (Dickson) to get in the game for the first time and play the first time and score a touchdown and go up high and go grab it was amazing.

I think the reality is that we have a lot of playmakers and like I’ve always said, my goal was just to give the ball to the right guy at the right time and continue to just facilitate it and just have a lot of fun while doing it. We’re having a lot of fun right now.”


“Well, I think first of all, (Melvin) Ingram is one of the best defensive ends in the game. He’s a spectacular player. He’s always one of my favorite guys to play against and just watch because you want to play against some of the best guys and he’s always – I don’t like when he’s chasing me, though. He’s always one of those guys. I’ve known him for several years now and just to be around him and stuff at Pro Bowls or whatever it may be.

He’s got great enthusiasm and plays the game the right way, brings great energy. He’s a really good player so we’ve got to know where he is. I think about Derwin James as well. He’s playing great football. Those guys are – Casey (Hayward) is a great player too. They’ve got a lot of guys that can make a lot of plays, and then obviously (Brandon) Mebane up front. Knowing him and his intelligence and how he plays the game, his physicality at the point of attack. It’s going to be a very tough task.

They’re rolling, too. I think they’re 5-2. They can make a lot of plays. They’ve got Philip Rivers on the other side, one of the best to ever play the game, so it will be a battle of the (North Carolina State) Wolfpack this weekend. Just playing against Phil and the things he’s been able to do over his career, he’s been spectacular so it’s going to be a battle for sure.”



“He’s always been an amazing athlete. He’s been a guy that you notice when he’s running around catching the football. I think that his mentality has been the thing that has really showed up from preseason (and) really, really actually from this offseason. David and I were able to spend some time together this offseason in L.A. and just talk and throw and stuff like that, grab some dinner and just spend some time. He was a guy that, he’s always been the guy who always wants to learn more and get as (many) catches as he can in the offseason and just do the right things and prepare the right way. His mentality was right from the get-go. I think also, his mentality in the meetings has been great. He’s enjoying football, he’s out there every day running around full speed making plays so he’s a special football player.”

(On gaining confidence the more his receivers make contested catches)

“Well, the thing about the National Football League, if a guy is blanketed then he’s really open for the most part in this league. When guys are covered it seems like, that’s as open as it usually gets so you’ve got to be able to make accurate throws and ultimately you’ve got to have guys that can go make plays and we’ve got guys that can make a lot of plays so it’s been fun to just be a part of that and just watch those guys do their thing. It’s a tribute to how hard they work and all the things they’ve been doing.

Tyler Lockett
Tyler Lockett looks for the ball. (

(On trying to get Doug Baldwin more involved)

“I mean, I like getting all of our players involved. I don’t necessarily just say ‘okay, today I’m going to do this,’ but I just play the game how it comes. You always want players, not necessarily plays. I think at the end of the day, when I say that I mean there are some players that can just make some crazy plays and Doug is one of those guys. He’s going to make highlights all day so you want to get him the football for sure.”

Doug Baldwin and David Moore and Tyler Lockett celebrate a touchdown. (


(On the key to the red zone success)

“Yeah, I think it goes back to the offensive line with our run game, but also them giving me enough time to make some decisions in the passing game to really throw the ball and make a lot of plays in the red zone. We’ve been lights out in the red zone so we want to stay that way. We have that mentality and I think it’s an attack mentality. We want to go for it.

We’re not waiting. We’ve got to go and just continue to have that mentality. We have playmakers so the guys who usually show up on game days and stuff like that in the red zone, those are the guys who play the game for a long time and I think we’ve got a lot of those guys who can do that on the offensive side of the ball in terms of that. Our defense helps too, playing against our defense every day in practice, one of the top defenses in the National Football League.

Frank Clark and Bobby Wagner chase down Todd Gurley. (

They’re definitely top-3, top-4, top-5 (or) something like that, I’m sure. To be able to go against those guys every day always prepares us. Guys like Bobby Wagner, Tedric (Thompson) back there, (Bradley) McDougald, the defensive line, Frank (Clark) every day, (there’s) not much better than that. Griff (Shaquill Griffin) on the edge playing corner, so it’s fun every day. We get to practice against the best in the world every day so it prepares us in the right way.”

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