Seahawks Carroll on returning injured players and playing another road game.

The Seattle Seahawks (3-3) will play their second consecutive road game when they take on the Detroit Lions (3-3) Sunday morning ( 10:00 am PT)  at Ford Field in Detroit  Michigan. The Seahawks have played five of their first seven games on the road. While Detroit is  a lot closer to home than the October 7th game against the Oakland Raiders at  Wembley Stadium in London, attention to detail will be key according to Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.


While playing the role of  Road Warrior is a tough and arduous task, the process can make you a stronger team in the long run.

“Well, the upside is you get tougher. You’ve got to get right week after week after week, regardless of what the setting is and that’s a battle cry for us anyways. There will be some benefits, I guess later on, that we get to stay home.

In the meantime, it’s just one after another after another and we’ve just tried to really have a great attitude about it and try to max it out and that’s why I was so fired up about the trip we did last week and handling that well, because if you can handle that thing well then I think you can handle anything. It has been challenging, in that regard.”

Back of Frank Clark
Frank Clarks goes through stretching drills. (

One thing positive Pete is feeling downright giddy about is the return of  K.J. Wright, Ed Dickson, Rasheem Green, and Dion Jordan.  Pete was asked how much game time each of the returning players would get.

On K.J. Wright)

“He’s in good shape. Made it through, we’re excited about him playing.”

(On how much Ed Dickson can get involved at this point)

“Well, we’re going to be careful. He has worked really hard to get back and he’s been probably much more so than a regular guy coming off of rehab because he’s had time to do that so he’s ahead of what most guys would be, conditioning-wise. We’re going to monitor as we go. We’ve got a thought in mind but we’re looking for him to be involved. We’ll just see how he handles it during the game.”

Lockett and Baldwin line up for sprints
Seahawks players prepare for wind sprints. (


(On how Rasheem Green progressed this week) “He did pretty well, he did well. We’re going to take him all the way up until game time. We just got to make sure he’s ready to go, but he’s close enough that he’s really in consideration to play.”

(On if Dion Jordan is on track to play)

“Yes, both of those guys.”

(On if K.J. Wright will be on a pitch count) “We’re going to wait and see.”

When asked about the Lions,  Carroll was complimentary.

They’re really coming around and playing good ball. Really played great last week and we’re going to have to play really good football across the board to make sure that we have a chance so we have a lot of respect for what we’re going up against.”



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