Seahawks prepare to cross the pond in search of a win

For the Seattle Seahawks, a win is a win, no matter where you get it. For the Seahawks  (2-3) a win over the Oakland Raiders (1-4) in London on Sunday would be worth the travel across the pond. The Seahawks are coming off a disappointing 31 to 33 home loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

The Seahawks had a chance to bring down the undefeated Rams when they had a first down at the Rams 32 yard line with 5:19 left in the game and down just points. The drive stalled after two consecutive penalties forced the team to punt the ball back to the Rams who were able to run out the clock after fielding Seattle’s punt on fourth down.

With the disappointing loss to the Rams in the rearview mirror and a 4,801-mile trip ahead, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is focusing on the  Oakland Raiders star-studded offense.


(On if Marshawn Lynch still looks the same as he did when he played for the Seahawks)

“He looks good, he looks really good. He looks healthy and aggressive. He wants the ball more, you can tell that. His running style and everything about him looks good. He’s caught some balls already. It’s a well-rounded offense for him with Tom Cable there as well knowing how to bring out his strengths.

They’ve got a nice running game and he looks great. I gave him a hard time a couple of years ago when he first came back that he had gotten back into great shape and how come we didn’t see any of that. He was in great condition, he was trim and fast and all that. He looks as good as ever.”

(On his favorite Marshawn Lynch moment)

“Probably the New Orleans game (in 2011). That was probably it. There’s a lot of memories that I just crossed off the list there, I want you to know that.”

On if he feels like the Seahawks have rediscovered their style of offense the past couple of weeks)

“Yes, I honestly do. This is what we’ve been seeking. We feel really good about what we’re trying to do. The guys up front are doing a great job. The running back group, whoever is out there, is really giving us the kind of intensity and the aggressive focus that we want that I think it fits us together.

We have to keep doing it, we have a long ways to go here. We made a big turn. It’s taken us longer than I would’ve wanted to get to this point, but we feel like we can play the game that we want to play and the style we want to play it regardless of where we’re going. We’ll find out, let’s go see if we can take it across the ocean and do it as well, but that’s really important to us.”


(On having a 100-yard rusher in three consecutive weeks)

“I think it talks about the commitment from A to Z. Certainly, the play of the guys up front has continued to improve, but they’ve improved as we’ve given them the reins a little bit, let them come off the ball like we like to. It’s all fit together well, we just quite didn’t get the balance of it right at the start of the season, hopefully, we can build on it. Also seeing the connection between the play-pass game and the complement is clear.

I don’t even mind saying it because that’s just who we are and what we’re going to do. We’re going to try to make it happen in that fashion. The fact that some of the parts are movable and interchanging, that’s good for us. That means that we have a philosophy and an approach, and you can tell who we are.”

(On where Rashaad Penny fits into the backfield with Mike Davis and Chris Carson)

“He’s just looking for his opportunity, he’s dying to get in there. He’s just scratching, clawing to get back out there and get more turns. There just wasn’t enough ops (opportunities), but this is a long season, there’s a lot of carries, there’s a lot of running to be done. I can’t wait to see him get in there and get going too. He’s done nothing but good stuff for us.”

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