Sights and sounds from Huskies 35-7 win over BYU

The no. 10 ranked University of Washington Huskies played their best game of the season Saturday night when they demolished the Brigham Young  University Cougars 35-7. Husky quarterback Jake Browning became the Huskies all-time passer when he completed a nine-yard pass to Drew Sample in the second quarter.






RB Salvon Ahmed:

Ahmed heads for the endzonejpg
Husky running back Salvon Ahmed heads for the endzone. (

How did the win feel?

It feels good, nice to get a good win with the team against a good team.

How is it having the offensive line take a step forward yet again?

Those guys work so hard in practice and I can see them get better so it’s not a surprise. Now you guys can see it come together in games too. 

Do you owe Nick Harris a steak dinner?

For sure! He really bailed me out on that play. He really hustled on the play to get that far down field so I definitely owe him.

WR Aaron Fuller:

Fuller celebrates touchdown
Husky Wide out Aaron Fuller (

How is the connection with you and Jake?

You know it’s a lot of reps. From fall camp and on we’ve worked together a lot. We have a connection now so that we always know what each other are thinking.

How is it having Jake playing at such a high level recently?

Jake is a really smart guy, probably one of the smartest on the team. He watches a lot of film too, so he’s locked in on game day and we all know he’ll do whatever it takes to win.

Is it nice to have the score reflect the way the game went?

It’s always nice to have a comfortable win but the score doesn’t matter that much. If we’re in the game we’re fighting as hard as we can to win.

LB Ben Burr-Kirven

Ben Burr-Kirvn
Husky linebacker Ben Burr-Kirven (

On limiting BYU to seven points…

I think we played our best game of the season by far. They do a lot of shifting and smoke and mirrors type of stuff, to try to get your eyes out of alignment. I think we did a really good job of understanding what they’re trying to do pretty much from the onset. We had it figured out pretty good. We shut down their sweep, a lot of their base stuff, they had to go deeper into the playbook and eventually they had to throw the ball a lot more than they wanted.

On dominating on both sides of the ball…

You want to have a game like this where by the third quarter you feel pretty good about it. You can start rotating guys in. The offense came out explosive to start. We shut them down, I think before the fourth quarter they had nine yards rushing. It’s a running football team, so when you see that on the board, you’re probably having a pretty good game.

On if the past week was a good practice week…

You never know what is going to happen. We expect a really tough game every week. These guys are obviously a really good football team, they knocked off Wisconsin at Camp Randall. We knew it was going to be a tough game. We executed the kind of detail oriented football we’re looking for.

OL Nick Harris

The Trenchesjpg
Huskies offensive line attacks BYU defenders. (

On if this game was a step forward for the offensive line…

Oh definitely. We had a great week of preparation. I think that’s where it started, we had a great scout look. Those guys really gave us a good look to mimic BYU’s interior guys. When it came to the game we just executed, and we were dialed in.

On what the scout team did so well…

They’re not lazy. They’re giving us a good luck because they understand how important the scout team is. Every week, they’re giving us a good look, and they’re challenging us. When it comes to the games, we just execute and roll off of the ball.

On the offensive line’s pass protection…

That starts with the practice. We were dialed in with the protection. Every week we’ve progressed with the pass protection because it takes time. Everybody expects everything to be perfect in the beginning of the season but all that stuff takes time. It’s not just the o-line that has to communicate on pass protection, it’s the running backs, it’s the tight ends on some plays, even the receivers. The communication is starting to come along. When the pressures come, and we give that guy time, he’s going to throw the ball perfectly.

DB Byron Murphy

Byron Murphy goes after the ball
Byron Murphy goes after the ball. (

On limiting BYU’s running game…

I think we had our eyes in the right spots. They got us a little in the first half and then in the second half we made those adjustments to prevent them from doing that. We understood what they were trying to do, where they were trying to hit us at. We were able to stop it. We also were able to do a good job of poking the ball out.

On the forced fumbles…

Those are always game changers. Turnovers are what we pride ourselves on. For us to do that and put our offense in a better position, so they could go and score, that’s big.

On almost holding BYU to a shutout…

That’s a goal for us every game, to keep their offense from scoring. If they have zero points and our offense scores, obviously we win


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