Washington vs. BYU Postgame Videos and Overviews

The Washington Huskies defeated the BYU Cougars 35-7 in a statement game that they completely dominated at Husky Stadium.

Afterwards, the Husky coaches and players talked about their important win in front of the Husky faithful.

Chris Petersen (Head Coach)

Overview:  Coach Petersen said that Jake Browning has been a great player ever since he got to Washington.  He did not want to talk about the two field goal misses from Peyton Henry.  Petersen said he was proud of the defense because the BYU offense is awkward.

Jake Browning (Quarterback)

Overview:  Jake Browning said it means a lot to him to be mentioned with the other great Husky quarterbacks in terms of breaking the all-time passing record.  He said he has not met former Husky QB Cody Pickett whose record he just broke.  Browning also said records are made to be broken and he hopes another Husky QB breaks his some day.

Bush Hamdan (Offensive Coordinator)

Overview:  Bush Hamdan said that Jake Browning was about as efficient as he has ever seen him.  He thinks running back Salvon Ahmed is right on the cusp of breaking a big run.  Hamdan also said that it’s always about “us” no matter the talent on the other side of the field.

Jimmy Lake (Defensive Coordinator)

Overview:  Jimmy Lake said they are worried about all statistics but the most important is scoring defense.  He said the motto of the defense is they are “all” pass rushers!  Lake also said the defense needs to create more turnovers.

Aaron Fuller (Wide Receiver)

Overview:  Aaron Fuller said the chemistry that him and Jake Browning developed is from lot’s of reps built up over the offseason.  He said that Jake Browning is one of the smartest guys and he watches a lot of film.  Fuller also said that it’s always great to get a win in front of the home crowd.

Tevis Bartlett (Linebacker)

Overview:  Tevis Bartlett said they were effective against BYU’s offense because they did a good job of keeping their “eyes”.  He said the defense needs to get better at third downs and getting turnovers.  Bartlett loves playing both inside and outside linebacker.

Myles Bryant (Nickel)

Overview:  Myles Bryant said about BYU’s offense that once they cleared the fly sweep they knew where the dive was going.  He felt that everybody on defense was in the right spots and kept their “eyes”.  Bryant also said they did a good job of getting the ball out and put the offense in a good position to score.

Salvon Ahmed (Running Back)

Overview:  Salvon Ahmed said that this was the best the team has been “up-front” all season.  He said the offensive line is working extremely hard in practice and giving Jake Browning time to throw the ball.  Ahmed said he owes center Nick Harris a steak dinner for recovering his fumble!

Nick Harris (Center)

Overview:  Nick Harris said he doesn’t like when players come in late and try to hit their guys.  He said he is usually running down the field on big runs in case he has to protect a teammate.  Harris said the team had a good week of practice with good energy.

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