Seahawks Carroll on Earl Thomas, ” Everything is possible”

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll met with the media Monday during his weekly press conference time to discuss the Hawks 24 to 13 win over the Dallas Cowboys.  Here is what positive Pete had to say about the running game, the teams overall performance and want away All-Pro Safety Earl Thomas.


“We’re real happy with the game yesterday. It was a real good turn for us to make for the team. Everybody has, in all phases, contributed. A really nice, balanced ball game Defense did a nice job in general. Offense came through and took care of the football and owned it. Special teams got the job done. None of them were spectacular in performance but everything was really solid and so it gives a real balanced game.

Turned out to be a really good day at C-Link (Century Link Field) to meet the 12s for 2018. We are proud to be able to represent like that at home for the first time out. It just doesn’t seem like we’ve been around very much.

We’re going on the road again this week and we’ll get back. Before the season’s over, we’ll play some more games at C-Link (Century Link Field). Some really good overall performances. I thought the offensive line did a really nice job in this game. We got to find their attitude and let them cut it loose up the line of scrimmage with all the runs that we had.

They protected well too and just play good football game. I think D.J. Fluker coming back was meaningful, and also Sweez (J.R. Sweezy) did a really nice job going to the left side. That was a nice performance by those guys. Chris (Carson) ran really well. He ran hard and tough and it wasn’t easy. Dallas has got a good front and they did a nice job, but we were able to keep knocking the line of scrimmage back. Russell (Wilson) played a really good game.

Again, as we look at the film in terms of managing the game and doing the things that we want to do tempo-wise that we’ll continue to work with. Tyler Lockett had a really nice game on offense. It was good to see J. (Jarran) Reed get in the backfield make some plays. He got a couple of sacks. That was nice performance by him.

Frank (Clark) played really well and was really aggressive and running and making problems for their attack. Earl (Thomas) had a big game with the picks and making his plays. I thought that Bradley McDougald did a really nice job of across the board run and pass and just he just continues to play good football.

Bobby Wagner coming back was huge for us. Just to get them back on the field and running the show out there was very meaningful. A lot of really good things happened but most importantly we saw how what we can look like. The first couple of weeks it just didn’t look right, and we were off.

The balance that we brought out really was featured by the running game in the efforts in Schotty’s (Brian Schottenheimer) job of calling the run. It really made things fit together really well. It’s a good start and it really feels like the season just started and we’re going to try to get cranking from here with a big division matchup coming up with Arizona.”


(On Justin Britt’s shoulder)

“He should be fine. If the week goes well and he doesn’t have any setbacks, he should be fine to play. Joey (Hunt) did a really nice job though, in replacement. (He) was really aggressive and tough and did a fine job coming in off the bench.”

(On Joey Hunt)

“Yeah, Joey (Hunt), he can do everything. He’s just that well-versed. He’s a really, really bright football player. He’s been with us a long time, so that’s really the (reason) we don’t have to change anything when he plays.”


(On if Michael Dickson regressed)

“He didn’t hit the ball as well this week. He had three punts that were kind of uncharacteristic. I don’t know if anything’s characteristic in week three. It fit okay. He kept them backed up a little bit which helped us, but we didn’t hit the ball in the open field as well as he had.”


(On K.J. Wright’s status)

“I don’t have any updates for you and we won’t until we get back. I don’t know what happened today with his workouts. I can’t tell you that he’s going to be back for sure this week. I don’t know that yet.”


(On if Mychal Kendricks will be available for this week) “I don’t know that.”


(On forcing turnovers early in the season)

“It’s really been important. We really haven’t cashed in on it like we could have in the first two weeks unfortunately. It’s been a real consistent effort. I think a lot of it’s coming from more aggressive play calling from Kenny (Ken Norton Jr.) and we’re getting after it in a good way. All of that usually comes from what you do with the pass rush, in effecting the quarterback to throw the ball to us.

Our guys are coming through in a big way, making their picks. I think we’re being little bit more aggressive and it’s just paying off for us in terms of getting the ball.  There’s nothing better. There’s nothing better than taking football off your opponents. Of course, we should mention that the fact that the offense didn’t have turnover. We basically win when that happens. You put those two together, three turnovers and then we don’t turn it over, we’re going to have a good game.”


(On if he saw the potential in Bradley McDougald before signing him)

“When you go back and when we first evaluated him, he was really active. He was able to do a lot of stuff. We didn’t realize how good of a cover guy he is. He’s a really good cover guy in one-on-one coverage versus receivers and tight ends.

He’s got a real sense for it and we’ve been able to feature that early on. We thought he was a really good player that would be really versatile and all of that, and now he’s just playing really good and he’s really aggressive. He’s covering down on some dump offs and stuff. He made some terrific tackles in the open field. He’s doing great.”


(On if Russell Wilson was more decisive in week three)

“Um, I wouldn’t have said that. He played well and did nice job. I don’t know if he’s more decisive. That’s relative to something else, I don’t know. He played a good football game and did what we what we asked him to do really, really well. He had a lot of freedom in this game plan and took care of it handled it really well.”


(On if there was an emphasis on Russell Wilson not taking sacks when he doesn’t have to)

“There’s always that emphasis, really. We don’t want him to think of sacks ever. We were ahead of the sticks in this game way more so because we ran the football and we certainly didn’t have as many negative plays. Eliminating those kept us out of the long-yardage situations that kept us on rhythm more so. The nature of the throws that you have or you’re calling to make it quicker. I think that’s why you would think he was more decisive. I think it just fit with the game plan.”


(On how Russell Wilson had more freedom in the game plan)

“Just because we emphasize tempo more, so it puts him at the point of all of that. He has to work the clock (and) use the clock accordingly. It just gives him some more options.”


(On C.J. Prosise) “He just didn’t feel right getting warmed up. After we ran him extensively in pregame, trying to get him convinced and get our trainers convinced that he could go and it just didn’t look right. We had a really good alternative in Mike (Davis). We just went that way.”

(On Earl Thomas week three post-game comments)

“I’m not sure exactly what he said. He played a real healthy football game and did a good job. We’re working through it. There (are) concerns. He has concerns about the business side of things, and very well noted.

I understand, I get it and we’re working through stuff. He’s doing a nice job representing on the field and trying to do the best he can. Like I said, he had a great time playing football yesterday. He’s enjoyed every one of these games. He’s been very active all three games and has had good opportunities and he’s trying to max them out.”


(On if he can expand further on his comments made on 710 ESPN that there would be consequences for Earl Thomas) “No, I don’t need to.”


(On if there is a perception that certain behaviors that people can get a way with) “There is consequences, like I said. You can serve that any way you want to.”


(On if Earl Thomas maintains his level of play in games, if he cares if he practices) “Yeah, practice is really important. Yeah.”


(On if the Seahawks have a timetable on if they will retain or trade Earl Thomas) “No specific timetable.”


(On if a timetable for Earl Thomas future has been talked about at all) “No, we have not talked about a timetable.”


(On if ‘working through it’ include talking about a contract extension)

“Everything’s possible, everything’s possible. We are working whatever we need to do to keep moving forward in a positive manner. I totally understand when a guy is at the end of their contract and they want to get another contract. We’ve been through that for years, so it’s nothing new.

It’s legit. It’s legitimate. Guys are concerned about their future. I get it and we respect the heck out of that. There’s a lot of business that goes beyond just one person’s business and there’s a lot of things taking place and there’s a lot of things going on. It’s all under consideration as we work forward. We’re trying to do really good stuff by our guys, we always have, and we will continue to try to do that whenever we can.”


(On how he approaches maintaining the ‘All In, Always Compete’ mentality when a player is refusing to practice from time to time)

“I don’t know that. Earl (Thomas) is just trying to figure it out right now. There’s a time and place in how things are handled. I’m really not worried about the players right now, what they think. These guys get to say whatever they want to say. I can’t stop them from talking. They could say whatever they want.

Truly, there’s consequences with your actions and that’s just the way it is. Because you don’t know about it, doesn’t mean that something’s not going on. We don’t share that stuff with you because we don’t have to and there’s no need to. We just do our work on the inside and take care of business.

There’s a lot of trust in here, in this room right here, and that we’re doing right things and we’re doing things for the right reasons and that we’re not overlooking things which may be suggesting and letting things go.”


(On if the week three win surprised him) “No, I thought it was a really good game. We expected to play really well.”


(On if Earl Thomas not practicing is a concern)

“Not necessarily. I wasn’t listing the things that I would expect would go other than the normal way. I know I hadn’t done that. You guys were all wanting to get at this

. I’m not going to talk about it very much because we’re working on stuff on the inside and I’m working with a guy we’ve been working with for a lot of years and I care a lot about Earl (Thomas) and I want to do him right and want to do our players right and our team right. That’s what we’re doing. Under the considerations in the circumstances, one guy is in a position he feels that’s different than other guys. We’re dealing with it in a very direct fashion.”


(On if a contract extension is still a possibility after all the things Earl Thomas has said)

“Everything’s possible, yeah. We can do whatever we can do. There’s a lot of guys that are also involved. This is not just one person’s concern. We have a lot of things going on. It’s a team and there’s a lot of guys on this squad and there’s a lot of guys who have contracts that are under consideration, which we’re always working on. On a very long-range plan. Things fit accordingly and I think John (Schneider) has done a fantastic job of orchestrating it and we’re continuing to work at it. We’re on it.”


(On how to keep Earl’s unhappiness separate from team success) “I’m doing it. It’s being done. He looked awesome yesterday and he played great yesterday.”


(On Frank Clark)

“Frank’s doing really well. He’s been really active. He’s been after the quarterback. He’s just missed on two or three others, maybe three or four other sacks already. He’s got some numbers already rolling. He’s been disruptive in the running game. His effort has been really good. His focus and attention in the way he’s competing in practice, excellent.

I’ve really seen Frank just kind of merging into a mature competitor on our team in a lot of ways and I’m really excited about that for him. He’s a leader by the way he works. I’ve been able to point him out on practice sessions and show the other guys that this is what it looks like when you’re giving everything you got on a Friday practice, for instance, because he’s really working hard and doing everything he can do to be as good as he can possibly be. I’m really fired up about him in that regard.”


(On Doug Baldwin status for week four) “I don’t know yet. I can’t tell you. I won’t know until they start reporting back on how they’re doing this week, like today and tomorrow.”


(On how Chris Carson handled having a large workload in week three)

“He was good. He was fine about it. He had a smile on his face. He was happy about being able to contribute in that manner. He liked the fact that the more he got the ball. the better he felt, which is really classic for runners. He did well. We’re very fortunate that we’ve got some depth at the position.

I don’t know, like I said last night, that there’s a good chance you won’t carry the ball 30 times in this game (in week four). It would be nice if he did, it’d be kind of cool if he did, but that’s not the design necessarily. We’ve got guys who can carry the ball for him as well. In that day, that was the right way to go and it came off great. He knows that he can carry it 32 times in the game and be okay.”


(On Rashaad Penny’s progress)

“Well, I’m still reserving judgment on the return because he missed so much time. Really, he wasn’t allowed to do enough work to stay up with it so he’s really two weeks into it, kind of the three weeks into just getting back. I’m telling you, he’s been working like crazy. Chad (Morton)’s has been working him extra.

He’s been running them extra, making sure that he’s getting all of the quick twitch and everything back in order and the competitiveness back in line. I’ve talked with them about it, I’ve been on it with him to make sure that he’s really getting back to fighting shape and all that. His weight is way down. He looks good. He’s ready to bust out, is really what it amounts to. We visited this morning about it and I’m fired up because he’s got the right attitude and he wants to he wants to contribute and help out. It’s a good position that he’s in right now.”


(On if Rashaad Penny gained a bunch of weight and lost it)

“No, he didn’t gain a bunch of weight. He was huge. He was 236 when he reported. His weight went up four pounds from there at one point. He’s lost 10 from there. He looks great. If you add that all up, its about 228, give or take a couple.”

(On D.J. Fluker’s status after the game) “Yeah, he came out fine. He worked hard, too. He gave us everything he had. It was a great game for him.”


(On D.J. Fluker’s spirit)

“He’s just, he loves the game. He loves to play. He loves practicing, he’s got one of those personalities that’s always upbeat, always looking to play tough, always wanting to push – the harder you push him, the more he likes it and he’s vocal about it.

If you watch him, he’s responsive to plays when they happen and he’s going to be the first guy picking up Chris (Carson) in the end zone or whoever it was. It’s infectious and it’s refreshing and I love that he’s on our team.”


(On Doug Baldwin being mad on the sidelines) “No, I didn’t ask him what he’s mad about. I just told him, just because we’re on FOX, you don’t have to go crazy. He was just trying to contribute in some way. That’s how it came out.”


(On Dion Jordan’s status after the game) “Give me another day on that one. We’re checking him out and seeing if he’s okay. I don’t know that yet.”


(On the offensive line’s performance)

“They had so many opportunities to kind of express their nature and they were tough. Duane (Brown) does such a good job of leading the crew and he was vocal and he was loving the way the game was going and how we were involved with the running game and protecting the quarterback and you could just see their attitude and kind of the personality of this group allowed to be expressed really for the first time. It didn’t come out like that the first two weeks and I think Schotty (Brian Schottenheimer) really tapped into them and was able to pull that out.”


(On the Cowboys coaches reportedly coming up to Earl Thomas with trade talks) “I don’t know what that–”


(On C.J. Prosise’s issue) “Hamstring, I think it was. It just didn’t feel like he could get quite freed up. Is that what it was? No, that’s right. It was his groin. I’m sorry. It was his groin.”


(On Josh Rosen starting in the next game)

“Jeez, I don’t know. Young quarterbacks do so many things you can’t predict right now so maybe wild card is the right way of putting it. You don’t know. He’s extraordinarily talented. He can throw the ball like crazy, he’s a big kid, he can run well enough to be able to move, he’s always demonstrated in his younger years terrific accuracy and ability to make big throws and all.

That’s why they picked him. I haven’t gotten to all of the film yet to study him as much as I would like. I’m on the other side of the ball, but just knowing him and how we evaluated him coming out and all that and watching him through the last couple of years of his college days, he’s a really talented athlete.”

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