Sights and sounds from Seahawks 30 to 19 preseason loss to Raiders

The Seattle Seahawks finished their 2018 preseason with a 30-19 loss to the Oakland Raiders. The finished the preseason 0-4 for the first time in franchise history.  Despite the winless preseason, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was pleased with the competitive nature of the position battle on the team.

“Well our focus goes immediately to what’s coming up in the next couple days here and get the roster right.   We’ve got some decisions to make,” said Carroll after the game.”  We were able to get guys in situations where we got to watch them one last time and give them a shot to do something special to help them make the team or show that they belong, and there were some plays tonight.  Some things happened that were kind of fun to see.”



(Thoughts on the game…) “I’m really proud of our team. Obviously a lot of backups played most of the preseason. It’s always fun to win.”

(Thoughts on the backup quarterback situation…) “Obviously E.J. did well. Conor came in and made a nice throw. We will take a look at the tape and see what happens in the next couple of days. I was really pleased with the way E.J. came in here tonight. He was a captain. I thought he asserted himself, threw the ball well and moved the team.”

(Thoughts on some individual players…) “We are forced into some tough decisions. Keon Hatcher, what can you say about that kid? He is a great story. He put himself in a position to make this team not only as a receiver but also as a special team’s performer. So there are some guys we are really proud of. I’m a little emotional up here because it’s going to be tough tomorrow to say goodbye to some of these guys.”

(How hard is it to let players go…) “It’s tough. You have been with these guys pretty much everyday since they came back and started in April. Some of them have really been on the cusp of making an NFL team. I’ve seen it a lot of times, some guys get close and don’t make it and it’s tough to let them know it wasn’t quite enough. I’m proud of the effort of these guys. We will try and keep the right fifty three.”



(On Shaquem Griffin) “Shaquem (Griffin) did a great job. I felt like Shaquem came out (and) was flying around making plays. I felt like the linebackers that started the game definitely put their mark on the game. I think we’re on the right track.”

(On what he’s taking from preseason) “Shaquem (Griffin) did a great job. (Austin) Calitro did a great job. They definitely put their marks on the game.”



(On how prepared he feels for the season to start…) “For me, it’s all a learning process right now. I’m more than excited to get everything started. I have guys like K.J. [Wright] and Bobby [Wagner] that are always keeping me in tune and always make sure that I stay in my playbook. With me being a rookie, there’s always a learning process and I can learn from the guys in front of me. Having those guys as mentors has definitely prepared me for the games that are coming up.”

(On how prepared he feels if he has to start against Denver…) “I’m well prepared for it. K.J. [Wright] and Bobby [Wagner] are always in my circle. Even in the times when K.J. was gone, he called me every day and made sure I was in my playbook and made sure I was studying. So even when he’s not around me, he’s still helping me and making sure that I get better. Having guys like Bobby and K.J., the only thing you can do is get better every day.”

(On the biggest adjustment from college to the NFL…) “Just being more prepared. You can’t go out there and feel like you’re going to know it all. You have to study, you have to be able to look at film and break things down. The great thing is, once you do that, the game will slow down for you. And I think that’s something that I have to learn throughout the process of this. Me knowing what I have to do helps slow the game down for me. The game definitely moves fast so just learning from the guys in front of me, they help me out.”

(On if this was the first time he was on the field with Shaquill during a game…) “Yeah that was a first. Having him around, it helps out because he has everything slowed down. Just being out there with the guys period, they help out and we’re starting to talk more and are starting to get a better feel for things. I think that’s important where you can have guys, even not the one’s but the two’s just talking and communicating, it helps slow everything down for you.”

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