Camping with the Seahawks: C.J. Prosise

Outside of the defensive back and offensive line training camp battles the Seattle Seahawks running competition is the highest contested and vital to the team. When you franchise quarterback is you leading rusher you make an all hands on deck call to quickly remedy your woeful running back.

So what exactly was the result of the call to arms by the Seahawks?  The first move was using your first round draft pick on San Diego State running back Rashaad Penny who is just the third running back in franchise history to be drafted in the first round. The second move for the Seahawks was to give left tackle Duane Brown a three-year extension.

“I think it’s a really important move. It’s part of the trade that we made an agreement on. We didn’t know at the time how special he was. We really just didn’t know the guy well enough.  Said head coach Pete Carroll when asked about Brown’s contract extension.”We loved his play, we knew some stuff, we had done our homework, but then when you get him in the locker room with your guys, he’s an amazing player (and) an amazing leader. He’s in unbelievable shape, his strength, his power – I mean, he’s got everything going for him.

With what they hope is an improved offensive line the Seattle Seahawks are now willing to roll the dice on the running back competition.When asked about the competition at running back, head coach Pete Carrol was quick to point out that the pecking order would be decided later rather than sooner.

“Oh, it’s way too early. It’s way too early. There’s no reason to. We’re just going to keep playing. Thrilled to have the guys we have. It’s a really, really good group for us and the way they’ve reported, too – C.J. (Prosise) has never been in this kind of shape, we’ve never seen Chris (Carson) in better shape, we’re learning about Rashaad (Penny) right now, (J.D.) McKissic is ridiculously fit. He plays so hard every single day, so it’s a very good group.”

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