Seahawks Schneider: ” Were ready to get these guys in here and get them to work”

The Seattle Seahawks  2018 draft is over. Going into the draft Seahawks General Manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Caroll made it clear that this draft was all about pairing down their drafting process and picking up guys with character.

“It just looks cleaner. It’s easier to study, it’s easier to figure out where the ledges are, the drop-offs, or where the strengths are. Again, we’re just trying to get back to… I can’t tell you that. I can’t tell you what we’re trying to get back to. I almost went there with you… In 2010, 2011, 2012, we had fewer numbers, just in general. And then for one reason or another, we continued to add more and more players and it’s just too much.”

The Seahawks started Day 1 of the draft with their familiar trick of moving down in the draft in exchange for additional picks. This year the Seahawks found a willing partner in the Green Bay Packers who swapped the first-round position with the Seahawks and some draft picks.  The Packers moved up to the Seahawks 18th spot and gave the Seahawks a third-round pick ( 76th overall )  and a  sixth-round pick( 186 overall)  for their troubles.



The Seahawks surprised everyone by using their first round at the 27th position by nabbing San Diego State running back Rasheed Penny.


“We like our running backs, it’s a good, young group of guys that are all going to be competing. This just gives us one more chance to make a really extraordinary, explosive impact. He can help us in the running game and he can run the ball inside and outside, he’s a downhill runner, he also has the ability to bounce the ball to the perimeter and take great advantage of that. Whether he’s cutting back or going front side, he’s got a special way about him. He has big-play ability. That makes such a difference when you’re defending us. We’ll figure out how he complements with the other fellas, but he’s going to bring something really explosive that’s going to be a great dynamic for our football team.”


Penny is a three-down back that had a successful collegiate career without incurring too much wear and tear. Translation is that the Seahawks feel he is a durable back that will gain yards after contact. While  Penny is not a Marshawn Lynch-type back that will move the pack after contact he will get yards after getting hit.


The Seahawks did not have a second round but picked up an extra 7th round pick ( 220 overall)  when they traded down from No. 76 to No. 79 with the Pittsburg Steelers.

The Seahawks then selected DE Rasheem Green  from Southern California


We’re really excited to get Rasheem [Green] in the third round. We maneuvered a little bit there just because we had an opportunity to pick up a [seventh round pick]. It seemed like the right thing to do. We’re really excited, [he’s] a young kid, a great guy, we had him in for a visit, he’s a Trojan. Young, long, played a lot of three-technique, he’s had 83 career pressures, 15 career sacks, he loves rushing inside, he’s got some really nice outside rushes too. Great workout, he had a really good workout this past spring the same day that [Sam] Darnold worked out, bending and working corners and such. We’re excited and ready to get ripping for tomorrow. We have eight picks tomorrow and we’ll get ready to hit rookie free agency.”


Green should bring much-needed help on the defensive line that has a big hole due to the Michael Bennett trade. The 6-foot-4, 275pound former Trojan played both defensive end and tackle on his way to earning first-team All-Pac-12 honors. While he is no Bennett Green has the size and speed to fit into the Seahawks multiple D-lineman rotations.



After picking just once in the  Second Round the Seahawks  had a  big pep to their step when it came to day three of the draft. One cannot blame Schneider and Carroll for being downright giddy about the last day of the draft. The Seahawks had eight picks in hand. One in the fourth round, four in the fifth round, one in the sixth and seventh round.

“We’re excited and ready to get ripping for tomorrow,” Schneider told the media during the teams  Day Two wrap up press conference. “We’ve got eight picks for tomorrow and getting ready to hit rookie free agency.”

The Seahawks used their lone fourth-round pick ( 120th  overall ) on University of Washington tight end Will Dissly.  The 6-foot-4, 265 former Husky started his career as a defensive end then made the switch to tight end for his Junior and Senior year.


“Right when we started the day, it was pretty nerve-wracking, because Will (Dissly) was the guy everybody, our personnel staff, our coaches, has really invested in, and had a really strong interest in him.  We talk about our fit guys, and he’s been a guy we’ve been very interested in for a long time.  That was pretty nerve-wracking, getting there.

The Seahawks used their  first fifth-round pick ( 141 overall ) on Shaquem Griffin brother of  current starting cornerback Shaquill Griffin


 “We’re going to play him at the weak linebacker spot and see how that works out, to give him a chance to run and chase the football, which he is really adept at doing.  We’re going to count on him to be a big factor on special teams, which he has shown us that he has a great knack for.  We’re going to try to put him in spots where we can utilize the great speed that he has, and he’s as fast as you can get as a linebacker.  I don’t think it’s going to throw us off, that he’s that fast, but we’re anxious to see how it works and how it fits in with him chasing the football and all.

Seattle used its second fifth-round pick ( 146 overall)  on Oklahoma State Cornerback Tre Flowers.


“This is a guy that I really liked. He’s played over three years as a starter at Oklahoma State at free safety. I’ve had a chance, and John has too, we’ve seen him play a lot of stuff. A lot of situations, a lot of different aspects of the game that he’s handled well. He’s been a really good contributor there. The fact that he’s over 6’3” and that he runs 4.4 and that he’s got great length and good ball skills and he’s a good tackler and works hard at the game in general. He had a great workout with our scouts. That workout showed us some of the change of direction stuff that would apply at the cornerback position. We want to give him a shot at that and that just happens to be one of our favorite attempts.”

The Seahawks then pulled a rabbit out of the proverbial hat when they traded up to make their third selection in the fifth round ( 149 overall). Seattle sent its 156 overall pick and no. 226 overall pick ( Seventh Round)  in exchange for moving to the  149 slot in the fifth round  The magic act was complete when the Seahawks selected Texas punter Michael Dickson.


“You know, he was just too unique of a player.  I talked to Tom Herman, MVP of a bowl game, and Matt Berry had been at the game, and he was the best player on the field by far that night.  It’s a rarity when guys stand out like that, and this guy.  First of all, we both love Jon Ryan, so this is all about competition.

The Seahawks used their final pick in the fifth-round with the selection of   OT Jamarco Jones of Ohio State. James started all 14 games and earned first-team all-conference honors for the Buckeyes who were the Big Ten Champs


Schneider: “Left tackle. He’ll compete at left tackle. George [Fant] can play right [tackle] and we’ll figure it out.”

Carroll: “We’ll start him [at left tackle]. The fact that he started a couple years at Ohio State and held on to it against great competition, he looks very comfortable there. We’ll move him around some to see what the versatility is, but it’s great to bring him in as a left tackle.”

The Seahawks used their lone sixth-round pick on Temple DE Jacob Martin A second team all-conference selection as a senior Martin was credited with eight sacks and  11 tackles for loss.


“He’s all about what we are. He was a fit guy for us. [He’s] a little bit undersized as a rusher. Huge motor, really tough, he just keeps coming. He’s really fun to watch. He’s one of those guys that just have a natural passion for the game and he just keeps coming.”

The Seahawks concluded their 2018 draft with the Seventh Round selection ( 220 overall) of Florida International  Quarterback Alex McGough. The 6-foot-3, 218 pound McGough passed for 2,798 yards 17 touchdowns and had eight interceptions his senior.


He’s going to be really fun. He’s got this great attitude about him, he’s a really cool kid. Great feet, great movement skills, tough, aggressive. We’re excited. And he was totally under the radar as far as quarterbacks go, he was an under the radar guy.”


The draft is step one in any NFL teams plan to make it to the Superbowl. The previous years draft is just as important as the team’s current goal. It is very unlikely that all of the players drafted by the Seahawks this year see the field on a consistent or make the team. The Seahawks believe that they know how to pick the right players for their system.

The team will need to see an instant dividend from Rashaad Penny,  Rasheem Green and Will Dissly and Shaquem Griffin to call this a successful draft.These four players are stepping into vacant rotations. The Seahawks are in need of a running game and are hoping Dissly can be the blocking tight end that can pass and run protect. The Seahawks believe in rotating their DE lineman so they are fresh in the fourth quarter enter opportunity for Green

Griffin’s speed and ability to read the game should get him on the field in multiple situations that a pass rusher is needed.

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