Carroll on 49ers win: ” It was a solid effort.”

The Seattle Seahawks (7-4) did what they had to do in their Sunday afternoon  24 to 13 win over the San Francisco 49ers (1-10) at Levis Stadium in Santa Clara. Needing a win and officially at the business end of the schedule with just five games left in the regular season it is now about winning not how or why just winning.

On Sunday the Seahawks used their tried and true formula of playing tough ball hawking and a turnover producing defense. With that mindset, the Seahawks did not bat an eyelash when Russell Wilson threw an interception on the games first play of the game.

” I think that sometimes you swing and strike out the first at-bat and you just keep coming back and keep swinging. I’m never one to stress or worry. I just keep believing in what we’re doing and how we are going to do. That’s on me and can be a little sharper,” Wilson said after the game.

“The great thing was that the defense stopped them right there. They didn’t get anything out of it. We were able to come back and find ways to make plays, especially in the second half.”

Wilson and the offense recovered from the first series miscue and went into the halftime break with a 7-6 lead thanks to a Pro Bowl-style interception by Bobby Wagner at the 49ers 16-yard line. As has been the case all year, the Seahawks offense found its rhythm and scored reeled off 17 consecutive points to seal the win.


  • Carroll announced that Kam Chancellor will not be back this season due a neck stinger suffered in the Arizona game.
  • DE Cliff Avril will have neck surgery on a stinger suffered earlier in the season.
  • The Seahawks offense line did not allow a quarterback sack for the first time this season.
  • The team also improved in the penalty department, tying a season-low record of just six penalties in the game.


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