Seahawks Carroll: ” We have to get out of our own way.”


Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll spoke with the media Monday during his weekly press briefing and the message was clear. The Seahawks have to improve their physical and mental output. In two short word: ” PLAY BETTER”. As in stop making costly mistakes.  Yes, positive Pete was his usual positive Peter persona on Monday along with an added tone of a father who was unexpectedly disappointed.

Opening statement

OK, everything is moving fast. We got to get going. Got a lot to do here. Really disappointing game just to give you a quick wrap up on it.  Just in a number of ways, we didn’t perform like we are capable.  So we continue to have work to do. We made some progress in some areas and played a really good game on defense and had a really good fourth quarter finish and rolling there for the offense. Then we gave it away, so good win for them.  We got some real serious stuff that we got to get better at.  With that, we have a game coming up Thursday and division team that we know well. We have battled with these guys for years and always have big ball games with these guys.  Going there for Thursday night is going to be a quick turnaround for us.  We’ve got our formula for doing this and that’s why we have to keep moving and hope that your questions are succinct and to the point as always and we can keep moving.”

(On what can you do about the penalties)

“We are going to keep working at it. We’ve got a number of things that we are going to do.  We will get after that again today and step it up.  We think it is a group thing obviously when you have a bunch like this, but it comes down to individual choices and making good decisions and doing things right. So we are going to jump all over it with another emphasis today.”

(On did anything stand out as troubling with the penalties you did get)

“There was five at the line of scrimmage. Those always irk me the most because those are the ones that are totally self-inflected.  But they were kind of across the board, you know. There were a couple holds on scrambles and things that we know that we worked to learn in the nature of our play.  Russell [Wilson] is running around and those offensive linemen have to know when to release and feel that and we didn’t make that choice a couple times, properly.  So there is just stuff that continues that needs focus.”

(On Germain Ifedi’s penalties)

“Yeah, well he’s got some line of scrimmage stuff and he has been sloppy with his hands and that’s basically what it is. He is one that has not really nailed the sense of when Russell is getting out on his side, he’s got to release.  But he has had his share and it’s definitely a point of emphasis that has been there for some time now.  It’s disappointing that we aren’t fixing this faster.”


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