Houston Texans state of mind.

The pure physicality of professional football requires that a player is focused and alert at all times. A razor-sharp mental focus is required 24/7. Blocking out distractions is paramount to achieving the coveted razor-sharp focus needed to for a high performance on the field.

  Houston Texans (3-3) owner Bob McNair made some comments that make one wonder what  type mental state his players will be in when they step onto CenturyLink Field  Sunday 1:05 (PT) to battle the Seattle Seahawks ( 4-2)  

McNair was reported to have said, ‘we cant have the inmates running the prison in ” in response to NFL players taking a knee during the paying of the United States national anthem. McNair comments were made during last week  meeting between owners, team executives and commissioner Roger Goodell

The comments were part of an ESPN Magazine story reporting on last weeks meeting between players, owners, and team executives. McNair’s comments had an immediate impact on the Texans players.  It is reported that sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that wide receiver  DeAndre Hopkins and running back D’Onta Foreman were absent  from the teams Friday practice due to McNair’s comments.

The question is what state of mind will the Texans players be when they take the field on Sunday? While ESPN.Com reported the team was considering boycott Texans head coach Bill Obrien was quoted as saying that he was 100% behind his players and that the team will ready to play on Sunday.

Seahawks Bobby Wagner reacted to the article with a  straightforward  Friday morning tweet. Wagner was also quoted as saying that he would not play for an owner like that.

“It sucks for them. It sucks they have to deal with that,” Wagner said of the Texans, some of whom he said he counts as friends. “I wouldn’t want to play for a guy like that.“Like I said, people saying how they really feel. It’s not a surprise. They’ve been like that. They are just finally starting to say it.”

As for what frame of mind the Texans players on Sunday?  No one will really know until kickoff Sunday at CenturyLink Field.

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